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Authentic Egyptian Cooking from the Table of Abou El Sid

Authentic Egyptian Cooking from the Table of Abou El Sid

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John Feeney, best known for his landmark documentary films and still photography that have chronicled much of Egypt’s life and many of its greater and lesser events over the last four decades, also happens to be something of a wizard in the kitchen, and he has finally been persuaded to share the recipes for some of his most original—and extraordinarily tasty—creations for all to enjoy: ten hot and seven cold soups of the Egyptian winter and summer. Beyond merely nutritious, Feeney’s soups are either ambrosial or aphrodisiac, and sometimes both, and, with the possible exception of his legendary Creme de Truffe du Desert, for which the highly elusive desert truffle is essential, all can be made with ingredients seasonally available in Egypt and widely available in other parts of the world too.

Author : John Feeney
Number of Pages : 64
Book Dimensions : 23*17
Age Group : Adults
ISBN : 9789774160196

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