Collection: Abeer Al Taher

Abeer Al Taher is a pioneer of children’s literature in the Arab world and a member of the Jordanian Federation of Writers and Literacies. Abir completed high school at Victoria School in Alexandria and then she got a bachelor’s degree in education from the American Lebanese University in Lebanon.
She began her writing career in 1999 by presenting the Series “Yasmine”. This series has been highly successful and widely appreciated, allowing it to spread widely to be one of the most popular series in libraries and schools.
Because of the lack of good Arabic content for children and their reluctance to read and approach foreign and translated content, Abeer took on a new task and she established Al Yasmine for Publishing and Distribution House in 2010, which is specialized in publishing children’s books in Arabic, through which it proceeds to different ages: from 3 to 16 years and some of its books have been adopted in school curricula in Egypt and the Arab Gulf.
After that, Abeer Al Taher launched another series which is called “Ahmad Al- Aqqad” it is an adventure series about Ahmad, a boy who has a wide imagination and an adventurous spirit
Abeer Al Taher is a multi-award-winning author.
She got Etisalat Awards for the following releases: “A Very Naughty Cat”, “Wild Poppies”, and “The Orange Ball”, some of them reached the shortlist such as “Farida”, “Princess Dana”, and “On the Roof”.
“A Very Naughty Cat” got the White Raven label from the World Youth Library
She won the Sharjah Prize for: “Me and Him”, and “Every day’s Prize”.
She got the Forum Award for the story “Don’t Call Animals Out Loud, and “Adnan and Ramadan Dish”.