Collection: Sohair Al Sokkary

Sohair Al Sokkary; grew up in Egypt and was educated at the American College for Girls, Cairo University as well as the American University in Cairo. She has an M.Sc. in Linguistics from Georgetown University. She is a representative to the United Nations of the Arab Women’s Association. She is a professor of Arabic at Baruch College, CUNY. She was past president of the Arab and American Women’s Friendship Association, and was officer in charge of the Arabic service, department of confer nice services at the United Nations. She is the author of sing-and-learn a language series: Arabic a unique method of language learning and teaching based exclusively on songs, which she successfully initiated and used at Georgetown University as far back as 1972, and Arabic Optilingua. The author has three sons who are all medical doctors. She lives in New York City, New York.