Collection: Tasneem Marghani

Tasneem Marghani, Children's Books Illustrator

Tasneem graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University in 2016 - Department of
General painting, and worked as a trainee at the faculty, then Saida was assigned to the Faculty of
Specific Education in Alexandria.

Tasneem works in the field of children's cartoons and has published stories for her in various Arab
countries. She also worked as a character designer in an animation company. I completed as a
trainee in Majid 2022 and participated in the Ocean Guardian episode on the Majid application. I
worked as a design workshop

AVG Family Fine Arts College Figures

In 2018, the story of Luqaimat my mother was published for her, which was shown at the Muscat
exhibition in Oman, and in 2020 a book was published for her, The Night of the Ghost Arrested by

Asala Publishing House and presented at the Sharjah Exhibition. In Arab magazines such as Qatar Al-
Nada, Faris and Al-Araby Al-Saghir.

2022 The story of the Sugar House games was released, the future was published, and the story of
how Reem won the Emirates Medical House and a butterfly, a butterfly, was published for me.

You listen to the House of Gardens Lebanon and now I feel my heart and a dream flying Egypt by
Fatima Jamil and the secret of the colors of Ahmed Nasr Dar Asani Al-Najem for a leadership
education house

And under publication, the story of various similarities, the text of Wafa Al-Shamsi for the Educators

Foundation, and the story of Yahya and Al-Yousifi for the application, Nuri, the text of Khalifa Al-

And Shadi spots for Dar Al-Asfar, the text of Alaa Alyan

Many interesting and varied stories are in progress

Currently an illustrator of freelancer children's books