Collection: Maya Fidawi

Maya Fidawi graduated from the faculty of Arts at the Lebanese University in 2000, and worked in parallel to her university years as a decorative painter.
After graduation, she worked as a freelance illustrator in different advertising agencies.
In 2004 she illustrated her very first book, and has been illustrating books since then. So far she has executed around 55 books for many publishers in Lebanon and overseas.

Maya won 9 national and international book awards, worth mentioning:
Etisalat children's book award for book of the year, in 2014.
Etisalat children's book award for best illustrated children's book 2017.
Mahmoud Kahil award for comics and editorials for best illustrated children's book 2017.
And she is nominated to the Hans Christian Andersen's award for 2024.

She conducted many illustration art workshops in many countries: Brazil, Morocco, Italy, Turkey, UAE, Jordan and Lebanon. And just opened her studio in Beirut where she is running regular workshops all art related for beginners and professional illustrators.

Her dream is to keep dreaming, that's the only thing that keeps her going and creating. And because she is a big dreamer, she tries to make her dreams come true and guess what, they do :)