Collection: Al-Balsam Publishing House

Founded in 2005, Al-Balsam Publishing House specializes in books for children and young adults and aims to provide reading materials of outstanding content and design that will inspire, give hope and educate. Our aim is to revive our culture, language and values both through locally developed materials as well as through materials translated to and from around the world.

At Al-Balsam Publishing House, books are not just a business; they are a passion. We select each book carefully for the value it adds to our readers. In a world full of economic crises and political upheavals, we wish to give our young readers a better future; to encourage them to find their inner strength and to support them in creating the positive change we all wish for in our society. For this reason, we often choose inspiring stories with themes revolving around determination, hope, cooperation and the power of faith. Although the books are suitable for young readers, adults may also find them enjoyable and inspiring.

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