Collection: Wahat Al Hekayat

Wahat Al-Hikayat is a publishing house specializing in children's books founded by located in Dubai since 2013. The publishing house was founded Safaa Azmy.
The "Wahat Al-Hikayat" kindergarten curriculum has been adopted by many Arab and international schools. Additionally, many series published by the publishing house have been approved as supplementary materials for the Arabic language curriculum by several Arab ministries of education.

The kindergarten curriculum employs poetic language at every stage of teaching letters and the beginning of reading. This is achieved through books such as "Letter Songs," "Letter Stories," "Songs and Stories of Extended Letters," and series covering concepts, skills, and behaviors.

"Wahat Al-Hikayat" has introduced a new order for Arabic letters. With this arrangement, children can read a short story after learning just two letters, then add one more letter and read another story, and so on. This early reading approach helps develop the ability to pronounce extended letters, words, and sentences logically, aided by poetic sentences, expressive images, and repeated words.

Children master vocabulary and can read common words through the "Word" and "Two Words" series. They also acquire writing skills through language application books.

In the letter arrangement of "Wahat Al-Hikayat," Arabic letters are divided into 7 groups, making it easier for review and evaluation.

In addition to letter learning, reading, and writing, children's skills are nurtured through engaging stories in series that cover concepts, behaviors, and 21st-century skills.

In the elementary stage, "Wahat Al-Hikayat" offers children a variety of narrative themes through the graded reading series, ranging from realism to scientific fiction.