Collection: Nemat Ahmed Fouad

Dr. Nemat Ahmed Fouad; was an eminent Egyptian author and journalist. She held a PhD. in Arabic Literature from Cairo University, 1959. She acquired a prominent literary position not only in Egypt, but throughout the Arab and Islamic World. Dr. Nemat defended the Egyptian heritage and antiquities on several formidable occasions. Dr. Nemat wrote over 40 published books, some of which are seminal works in the fields of civilization and literature. Her writing is unique, powerful and emotionally laden. Some of her other selected works include the following:
• (Letters) To My Daughter, first edition 1954, gift edition 2006
• The Nile in Egyptian Literature, first edition 1961
• In My Beautiful Country, first edition
• The Egyptian Personality, first edition
• Gems of Literature, 5 volumes, first
edition 2005
• A Life Journey: An Autobiography
• Islam and Contemporary Man (1992)
• Heritage and Civilization, Cairo
• Cairo in My Life (1986)
• The Ingenuity of Islam (1982)
• Oum Kalthoum and an Era of Art (1976,
1987 6th ed.)
• Letters to My Son (1971)
• The Personality of Egypt (1968, 1987 2nd
ed., 1982 3rd ed.)
• Pioneers of (Arabic) Literature (1963,
1985 2nd ed.)
• My Beautiful Country: Literary Essays
(1962, 1978 2nd ed., 1989 5th ed.)
• The River Nile in Egyptian Literature (1962,
1978 2nd ed.)
• Youth and Other Egyptian Worries (1986)
• The Pyramids Plateau Project: The Most
Dangerous Aggression on Egypt (1978)
• Rewriting History (1974)