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Alif 36: Friendship: Representations

Alif 36: Friendship: Representations

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Friendship, though esteemed, has not been central in critical studies. It has been overshadowed by other bonding relationships. However, it figures as a privileged theme in classical, medieval, renaissance, and modern philosophy. More recently, sociological, anthropological, and psychological studies have explored the varied dimensions of friendship. Different cultures view friendship in various perspectives that intersect, contrast, and echo each other. In Middle Eastern, East Asian, European, and American thought, philosophers, jurists, and creative writers have explored the idea of friendship and their input is analyzed in this issue. Alif 36 foregrounds different ways of presenting friendship in diverse cultures and historical periods.

Author : Editor : Ferial J.Ghazoul
Number of Pages : 512
Book Dimensions : 24*17
Age Group : Adults
ISBN : 9789774167720

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