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A Bird's Eye View over Cairo نظرة طائر فوق أجواء القاهرة -‏‏

A Bird's Eye View over Cairo نظرة طائر فوق أجواء القاهرة -‏‏

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A Bilingual Book in English and Arabic.

“ The city of 1000 minarets” is the naming many scholars gave to the city of Cairo that dates back more than one thousand years and that has throughout been the capital of Egypt, the center of the civilized world. Egypt’s rulers came from a broad spectrum of nationalities and backgrounds. Cairo has always been the jewel of the crown: the seat of palaces of caliphs and sultans; the largest commercial center and the hub of eastern and western trade. This economic status and wealth had a positive impact on the architecture of the city and its beauty. Among the most beautiful architectural structures were mosques and madrassas (elementary schools for teaching religion and other fields of knowledge), which had a unique form compared to other Muslim countries. Thus, Egyptian architecture was more of an authentic continuation of an august history. It was influenced by the legacy of the architecture of the pyramids, temples, obelisks and the structures of the Graeco-Romans, ultimately producing authentic Egyptian architecture that extended via church architecture and became the core of Islamic architecture in Egypt.

Written by Tariq al Murri - Illustrated by Mohamed Wahba - Translated to English by Doaa Imbaby - Layout and Design by Samer Helmy

Number of Pages : 48

Book Dimensions: 16.6 cm * 23 cm

Age Group: Young Adults - Age 13+

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