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Kotob Khan

Spaghetti in Harar

Spaghetti in Harar

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Our stop in Addis Ababa was a blessing to our tortured stomachs and we cried for the joy of familiar food in sufficient quantities, as the fifth day of our Lalibella famine had hit hard, especially that our early flights collided with our breakfast, which could have been edible. In the capital it was pizza day and God bless Mussolini for his safaris in East Africa, at last we had proper food ‐ with cheese. It was the first time to eat cheese in Ethiopia, a fact that made me ask in a number of hotels if we were in the fasting period or was it that expensive, the lack of cheese made the numerous cows we saw seem like useless pets!

Author : Mamdouh Sakr
Age Group : Adults
ISBN : 9789776306325

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